Monday, January 13, 2014

I Love Library Books Reading Challenge 2014

I Love Library Books Reading Challenge 2014

Check out the details of the challenge here, clickity click!. The deal is simple, go to the library and rob their books read, or borrow their books and read at home or school or anywhere else. You just need to read the book from the library, that's all.

I found this awesome list of reading challenges on Pinterest. That's where I stumbled upon this library reading challenge :) And this blog: A Novel Challenge. You'll find all sorts of reading challenges, read-a-thons and read-alongs there. Go check them out.

I want to give my local library a chance after ditching it for more than 10 years, and this challenge will, hopefully, helps me in rekindling the love for the building that has a houseful free books for anyone to read. Why buy when you can read for free?

  • board book - 3
  • picture book - 6
  • early reader - 9
  • chapter book - 12
  • middle grades - 18
  • Young adult - 24
  • adult - 36
  • just insert IV - 50 

So, for this challenge I'm going for 'Chapter Book' level (to read 12 library books). A book for each month. I hope it will be going well. I'll be listing them down here as I go.

My Progress:
  1. The Broken Cycle by A. Bertram Chandler (finished: 160114) - an oddball read.
  2. The Midnight Library: End Game by Nick Shadows (finished: 200114) - spooky.
  3. Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck by HAMKA (finished: 220114) - thought-provoking, sad.
  4. Salem's Lot by Stephen King (finished: 310114) - gooseflesh-fest, creeps me out.

I'm good until April, I guess (see a book for each month point above, hehe). I need to read all those books from BBW sales.

Update: Mission failed! 4/12 books. Failed, Farhana, failed.