Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Reading Recap + Happy New Year!

It's already 2014 here, in fact we're in the second day of 2014 (by the time I write this). Hello 2014, please be good to me this year.

Let's see what I've read and participated in 2013. A sort of yearly wrap up.

Book count:

Physical books: 20
e-book: 1
Total: 21. Whoa. That's a lot compared to 2012 (I only read 6 books in 2012). So, congrats myself :D

2013 very awesome reads:
Other than The Hunger Games and Catching Fire and Harry Potter which I adored enormously (because they made me want to read again aka my all-time-favs), I'd say Ashes and Shadows won my heart.

2013 very meh reads:
The Pledge. It seems promising, but meh, failed miserably, imho. Reading it was a torture; it took me a month to finish it and I was reading Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins in between to heal the damage it has done to me. I don't liked the main character, the hot and mysterious guy the main character fell in love with, the romance, the parents, the world building, basically everything about it. Oh wait, I liked the cover, because it was the main reason I bought and read the book.

2013 Reading Challenges:

Woot! Completed the Goodreads annual reading challenge :)
I failed the challenge for 2012. Only read 6/10 books and I didn't participated in 2011.
Goodreads' challenge doesn't count re-read, that's why I posted my own count for this wrap up.

Hosted by Bookish

Completed, I guess? Aimed for 11-20 books which is A Friendly Hug level. I read 19 books for this challenge. Check out my progress here.

And, that's it my reading recap for 2013. Happy New Year everyone! May this year bring forth enjoyable reading experience to all of you. And let's hope that this year will be greater than before. I plan to read more in 2014. I even signed up to read 50 books this year on Goodreads. And write more blog posts and strive to be a better person and get a job for real ._.

That's it. May peace be upon you :)