Saturday, November 30, 2013

Book Review: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Title: Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies #1)
Author: Isaac Marion Goodreads | Website 
Published: November 2011 (First published on October 2010)
Publisher: Atria/Emily Bestler Books
Source: Won from a giveaway hosted by Pawing Through Books. Thank you very much Peggy and Lisa! ;)
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I was excited when I saw the packaging from The Book Depository arrived at my home. I was ecstatic! Seriously, just how often you got parcels from overseas, and a gift at that?

In my case, it's very uncommon. I don't have friends who live abroad who would sent me any sort of parcel. It was decades ago, when someone posted me anything to my postbox (it was kad raya, way back when posting kad raya and slipping 20 cents as duit raya was in).

My take on the cover: it seems like a man has sprouted a long red shawl on his head and is walking towards oblivion. I sound like my old 11 years old self who liked to draw the cover of the books or any illustration inside the books she read for her 'Buku Nilam' reading log. Haha. Oh, the joy of keeping reading log at that time! I think I'd laugh my ass off if I ever found that book again xD

 The first two sentences of the book.

One of the things I liked about this book is that it has drawings of human anatomy as chapter headings, instead of plain 'Chapter 1'. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

This book tells the story of R, a zombie who can talk in few syllables and wanted to be human again after rescuing a girl whose boyfriend was turned into R’s Happy Meal. Meet Romeo and Juliette and zombie.

It’s refreshing to see zombies as a romance-y kind but the story was a bit boring for me. Lots of flashbacks and they were tad confusing. It didn't work for me, the flashbacks.

Edited (2nd December 2013): Now that I think about it, the early part of the book is pretty funny. The wedding ritual held by the zombies at the airport, the Boneys (on how R views the Boneys) and M, a friend of R, to name a few.

I give it 3/5 stars.

Look at me, I can write short reviews. I didn't know that. Hehe.

May peace be upon you ;)