Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Book Review: The Midnight Library: End Game by Nick Shadow

Title: The Midnight Library (Midnight Library #3)
Author: Nick Shadow (also known as Damien Graves)
Published: February 2006
Publisher: Hachette Children's Books
Source: Borrowed from public library

Middle grade book. A spooky read. I liked it. The book consists of 3 short stories.

1) End Game

About a boy, Simon, who likes to play video games (hello myself in boy edition xD). He is an anti-social, shunned at school kind of person. One day, he received a game that is custom-made for him. It has his hometown as a setting and he gets to control a high-level criminal. The goal of the game: destroy everything. The more the merrier.

Typical story about a boy who doesn't get much attention from family and friends and ended up escaping reality. I can see where this story is coming from. Hidden messages: Excessive gaming is bad for your health. It promotes violence and make you socially inept. 

I beg to differ though. I enjoyed gaming but I'm not in any way violent. The closest thing to violent I've done was wrestling with my sisters (normal lah, siblings rivalry, the next day allz iz wellz). But for the socially-inept point, I've no comments. I'm a bit of a social potato myself. And gaming helps me improving my English. If you play the right game, it has so many words for you to read. It is like a book with moving characters you can control. If you look at it at a different point, those words in the game, if printed out, could make a book.

2) The Other Sister

Spookiest out of the 3 stories. It was slow at first but my heart was racing (kind of) towards the end. 

Christine befriends a 9 years old kid she always see wandering in her store where she works for summer holiday. And strange things start to happen.

Word of advice: Kids, never go into empty houses alone.

3) Is Anybody There?

About a girl who suddenly receives text messages from an unknown number. Spooky.

Word of advice: Kids, never go into abandoned shoplots alone.
And don't be heroes, or heroines.

If you want to give children a scary read, try this one. 4/5 stars.

May peace be upon you :D


  1. Hi ya, Farhana

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Great book review format you have here. Very neat. Unlike mine which is sloppy *LOL*

    So far I have not borrowed anything from public library yet.

    Saw at your side bar mention about BBWS....ahem...what's your haul in BBWS Firesale?

    1. Hai mamameow.
      No problem :). Glad you like the format, it's just so that it's easy to track where I got the book, who and when it's published etc etc. But honestly, I think I should just put a link to Goodreads, much easier, hehe.

      You should try borrowing books from library, save money mah. But, honestly, there's not much choices for English books, at least it's like that in my place. Most of them are from 1970s. The most recent I found is published in 2006, which is this very book *sighs*

      My mum will surely pancung me if I go anywhere near MIECC again, haha. Still have mountains of unread books from BBW last year. So, yeah, I'm not hauling anything from the Firesale this time.


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