About Me

Farhana here. Muslim. Malaysian born and bred. I love books. I read books.

I watch booktubes too, like A LOT. But I'm sticking to blogging. Public speaking isn't really my forte /superintrovertplusreservedplusawkward.

I play video and online games when I'm not reading. I watch animes. One Piece is my favourite. And Fairy Tail but it's discontinued for reasons I couldn't understand. I read mangas too, because waiting for One Piece anime is agony.

I write a detailed post on myself and how I got into reading in this post

My all-time favorite books are The Hunger Games trilogy.

I read dystopian, post-apocalyptic, survival, thriller, horror, mystery, crime and history-ish books.

I read romance too, but I don't like them as much as I like all of the genres mentioned above.

Erotica isn't my cup of tea.

I accept any bribery in form of books and other book-ish presents, including but not limited to: books, e-readers, e-books, bookmarks, papers and trees on 2509 every year. And, I shall love you foreverrrr if you send me Sherlock himself to my door, I mean the curly-haired being on BBC's Sherlock or I'll make do with a Benedict Cumberbatch. I can always dream, right?

English isn't my first language. I'm sorry if the grammatical errors found in this blog offended anyone in anyway. I try to minimize them, I'm trying, I'm learning the ropes.

Not a professional reviewer. I simply write about what I like and and don't like (I keep a notebook for that).

I'm not in anyway associated to any bookstores I list on my book reviews. I just link them to the books I mentioned without any hidden agenda. I don't get paid for the links, thank you very much. I wish they paid me, though.

My reviews are of my honest opinions (see two points above). Again, I don't get paid for writing reviews. I'm not connected with any authors, publishers and/or bookstores (see above).

Most of the books are purchased with my money, or my parents' money, or tax payers' money Baucer Buku 1 Malaysia. Some of them are from the local library. Or borrowed from my siblings' collection. Or won from giveaways hosted in the book blogosphere. In case if you're interested with how I get my books.

The only thing that I'll get paid from is the Nuffnang ads. I haven't or shall I say couldn't check out the money yet because I fail to meet the amount needed. Still in RM 5 or so, and they put a requirement that I can only get the money if I earned RM 30 or more. Meh. Probably takes ages for me to reach that amount. I would greatly appreciate if you click the ads, though, if you like, not forcing anyone here xD (I might come up with giveaways if I had enough money).

This blog serves as my reading journal, in which I write my thoughts about books I read.

Welcome to my blog! Enjoy your stay :)

I applaud you, if you make it all the way down here.