Monday, January 13, 2014

Library Haul #1

I went to the public library last Friday. There's only one public library here in the vicinity of my hometown.

It has been ages since I last walked into the building. I am a frequent visitor when I was in primary school, always begging my mom/dad to send me there every Saturdays. I practically lived at the kids' section.

I stopped going to the library when I went for secondary school (high school). There wasn't much choices of books in the library anymore, most of them were not my cup of tea,  so I just stopped going. Really Farhana, I think the reason you just stopped going was that you think library wasn't cool anymore? Hey myself, that's not true. *looks around* Right. Shut up, meself.

Not the library I talk about.
Photo credit: The Society of Flavor Chemists

A lot has changed; the layout of the reading areas. There's a new section for computers (I don't think there's any computer in the library way back in 1998-2001), a new reading area solely for the history of my small hometown, a kids' section, a newspaper reading area and a general reading section. 

I didn't go checking things up in the second floor, because well I think there's nothing up there, I didn't see anyone coming down or going up the staircase (there are no elevators, it's a small two-storey building). 

No pictures this time, my phone ran out of battery, so next time I guess :)
(Though, I doubt I'll take any photos next time, I'm a super introvert plus shy girl, holding up a camera on my face isn't really my forte for it will surely attracts many eyes on me, in short I don't like it, when people staring my way, well I guess I've got to be sneaky or a super ninja to take photos around the library xD). 

Aaaanyway, let's just cut to the chase. The books I checked out are:

Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck oleh HAMKA. Pencetus Ummah. Pertama kali dengar pasal buku ini adalah daripada rancangan TV Pencetus Ummah (PU). Salah seorang peserta PU diminta memilih sebuah buku untuk diulas. Salah satunya adalah buku ini, tetapi kalau tidak silap saya, peserta tersebut memilih novel Adam dan Hawa karya Aisya Sofea. Jadi, bila nampak je buku ini, terus saya sambar sepantas kilat. Nak juga tahu kenapa buku ini diletakkan segolongan dengan Adam dan Hawa. Mungkin temanya yang sama, cinta. Buku baru, suka tengok, baru 2 orang yang pinjam (termasuk saya) :)

The Midnight Library by Nick Shadow. Picked up just because of the awesome title. It seems like a creepy read. 9 people has checked this book out before me.

The Broken Cycle by A Bertram Chandler. I picked this up because I wanted to blind library-ing. I got the idea from this booktuber and I thought it's fun and cool and I ended up with this book. This gives me the chance to read a book that I otherwise wouldn't even touch. Just that, I didn't wear the blindfold like he did in the video. I just picked this up at random while not looking at the shelves. It's a pretty old book. Old book smells good, I like. The first borrower was from 1977. Wow. My parents haven't even met yet at the time xD. 4 people before me. I don't know why I mention how many people has borrowed the books, I think I like keeping tracks of things ;P

Salem's Lot by Stephen King. I've heard a lot of good things about Stephen King's books. I want to give this a try. It's a pretty old and a chunkster of a book.  As you can see from the picture, it's battered and tattered. The spine is almost going to completely tear off the book *sadface*. Apparently, no one wants to wrap the book so it's presentable, at least. I'll try wrapping this before I read. 15 people has checked this out.

Biografi Tokoh Rao: Sumbangan dan jasa terhadap pembangunan Malaysia oleh Zabidin Haji Ismail. My dad's. He wanted to borrow this book but he doesn't register for the library membership. So, I borrowed it for him. I'll read this too, if the time permits. None has checked this out. My dad is the first.

Notes: I wish the library was well stocked with books. There are lots of empty shelves and most of the books (especially English books, are not up-to-date) at all. My small bookshelf at home, looks better in comparison. Well, that's a given. This is Malaysia, my bro said "Kalau tak suka library kat Malaysia, pindah lah, pergi duduk kat US sana tuh". Hmm..

There are lots of new Malay books. They even got the biggest shelf for themselves, and you'll be looking straight at them when you walk past the circulation center. English books? All the way at the back of everything else. Saya tak anti buku Bahasa Melayu. Saya baca je buku-buku Ramlee Awang Murshid, Hlovate. Tapi saya kurang gemar dengan novel-novel fiksyen Melayu yang rata-ratanya berkisar pada tema cinta, kahwin paksa, dan lain-lain lagi. Klise.

But, that's okay. I'm not going to ditch you again, library. I'll be visiting you every month despite the lack of books on your part.

That's about it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got until 3rd February to read all of them, and that's a short amount of time (to a slow reader, like me). Later.
May peace be upon you :D