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Book Review: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Title: Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2)
Author: Suzanne Collins Website | Goodreads
Published: September 2009
Publisher: Scholastic Singapore
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Pretty minimalistic cover. And a list of praises for the first book at the back.

The first sentence of a yellowing page.

I loved the second book of the trilogy! There were many surprises that I didn't see coming. Mind you, I've read this book for the second time now. And I was taken aback after reading so many pages of realization after realization. I think that part of me getting surprised was likely because it has been a year after I last read the book and I forgot most of the details of the book, teehee ;P

I re-read the book again in anticipation of the movie that was released on 22nd November, if I'm not mistaken. I've watched the movie and I really liked it!

It was better than the first movie. A lot less of shaky camera. Really, I don't get the idea of that unnecessary shaky camera (Gary Ross -- director of the first movie said that the shakiness was to incorporate the first person view of the book, since the book was told from Katniss's POV). But, really, doesn't he know that they're people who can't tolerate that very well? One of them is me, I get vertigo whenever I watch it *sighs*.

There were so many quotes from the book, I, a happy fangirl approve this. My only gripe is they cut off Twill and Bonnie, and the part where Katniss was trapped at the forest because of the electrocuted fence. But, this fangirl forgives it. You couldn't fit the whole book in a two hours and a half movie, I guess. Why did this turn into a movie review? Haha.

OK back to the book review. The book is amazing! Catching Fire is my favorite book in the trilogy. But I loved all three of them. I can be quite spoiler-y after this sentence, so if you hate spoilers, please stop reading this now.

The story picks up months after the last event in the first book. Katniss and Peeta has survived the Games and now live happily ever after in their luxurious victor house in Victor Village. They don't need to work in the mines/go to school. They have more money than they need. You'd think that they can now finally live in peace, right? Having escaped the Games the year before. But, no, they can't.

That twisted President Snow apparently had some surprises in store for them because of their stunt with the berries in the last Games. He's the last person on Panem who you'd expect to let that-stunt-that-may-have-spark-the-uprising-in-the-districts go unattended. That wicked mind of President Snow is wicked.

Speaking of President Snow, I've come quite close to liking him only at a page of the book, spoiler warning! because he actually ships Peeniss! (page 28; where he said that the only thing Katniss could do is to convince the district people/himself, that the act with berry was purely out of love ,that it's not to incite rebellion).Way to go President Snow! Spread some love, instead of fear.

In this book, you could see that the government controls on what piece of information gets to the citizens. They hide the truth. They only put things they wanted people to believe on the TV. Does it sounds familiar? It does, in my opinion. *cough*TV3*cough*. I really shouldn't talk/write about this because who knows what they might do to me. They might claim that my writings may spark hatred towards the government. Ah well, who am I kidding? I don't think they will read my blog or read any book, for that matter; judging on how they gave comments on the hot issues that's happening here (read: petrol price, ever increasing cost to live, small salary, just to name a few). If those people had known about this trilogy, they'd probably ban the books because of its probability of inciting uprising and hatred towards one's government. Just my two cents.

I liked the new arena, it was brilliant. The tick-tocking-concept-that-it-starts-at-midnight arena. I loved it! Awesome idea.

Katniss is still kicking asses in the book. She's resourceful and a great marksman. I liked Peeta in this book, he's such a good friend and a good speaker and a good artist and a good baker. Oh Peeta, I wish you were real. Only you though, because if everything in the book was real, I'd be doomed.

I liked Gale (in this book), too. He seems like a good friend as well. But, I'm not sure if I liked him in Mockingjay. I think he deserves a punch in the face in the third book. I liked Johanna in this book and in the movie. And Mags, that little angel. And, of course Finnick Odair, what's not to like about him? ;P

The ending is a cliffhanger and a heart-broken one. Ughh. *goes off reading Mockingjay* Spoiler ahead! Highlight at your ow risk. Peeta! Why, why, why must you get kidnapped at the end?

I give this book 10/5 stars. Hehe. It's that awesome. It deserves 10 stars ;)

May peace be upon you.


  1. Eeek! This has got to be one of the best books EVER! Except, well, I do like Mockingjay the best out of the three. ^.^ It's just such an incredible series. I saw Catching Fire in the cinemas last week and was blown away with how much better it was then the first! I loved the first, and I didn't mind the shaky camera at all, but I loved the emotion in the second. It was waaaay better acted, I reckon. ;)
    I'm stopping by from Candace's book review linkup! Mine's here.

    1. RIGHT! An awesome series, indeed. I'm glad you enjoy the first movie. It was pretty dizzy-ing for me. But yeah, I've got to agree with you on the emotion in Catching Fire. J. Law is an awesome actress!

      I liked how Peeta is portrayed in the second, as well. My friend who didn't read the book says that Peeta seems boring. A boring blonde guy, in the first movie. I liked that they emphasizes that Peeta is good with words. That scene with the morphling at the beach, I'm glad that they didn't take it out.

      All in all, the movie was pretty much true to the book; the details (except for a few: Plutarch's watch, Bonnie and Twill etc) the acting, the emotion, the props, the stuff that wasn't in the book. I loved it, I think I might drop the cinema another visit, for a second dose of Catching Fire. Hehe ;D

      Thank you for stopping by!


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