Friday, November 15, 2013

Welcome! Selamat datang! Irasshaimase!

Assalamualakum and hello all! :)
(Assalamualaikum means 'may peace be upon you', it's just me wishing all of you a peace day).

Welcome to my book blog :)
I'm Farhana. I live in Malaysia. I love to read books and play video games. I'm not a born book lover. But, I remembered the pleasure of reading and was slowly picking up the love when I was in primary school, I think.

But, it kind of slowed down when I was introduced to video games, thanks to my brother.

I was in the biggest reading slump since then. Never picked a book, always video games; I was in the era of those small tape video games, I don't know what it's called.

But school has been an arse to me, so both books and games are kind of going down the drain (well not really xD). Recently, I've learnt to tone down the games department while picking up the books department (that was because I fried my computer and my father refused to repair it, I'm glad he didn't though, because I get to meet my long lost love again).
(Remind me, why am I writing in brackets, again?).

Not that I don't do gaming anymore, I do, but just when time permits and when I have been craving to meet pixelated characters to death.

But, surprise surprise, last year, 2012, shall mark The-Year-I-Started-Reading-Again. That is the year I was introduced to The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I read the books, all 3 books, in just 2 weeks. I'm a slow reader, so it was quite an accomplishment for me. The book was  JGHJFDFTYI&^%&*(*H awesome!. It was the best book I've read, so far. It glued me to the pages that I couldn't even put it down. Well, I did put it down for restroom breaks and whatnot. You should really pick this book up and read if you haven't! 120% recommended. I think I should really write a proper book review for The Hunger Games. And yeah, that's it, The Hunger Games has successfully managed to awaken the book nerd in me, thank you Suzanne, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart :D

Anyway, this blog will be the place where I record my thoughts and feelings about the books that I've read. My post will be sporadic, I guess, with me being a pro procrastinator and dislikes writing stuff. We'll see how it goes...

English isn't my primary language, so I apologize in advance if the grammatical errors found in this blog offended anyone in any way.

Well, this has really turned up into wall of texts, that it worries me because it has a tendency to repel people away. It has the effect on me too, sometimes.

Till then.