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Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Will Make Me Cry

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This week topic is: Top ten books that will make you cry.

I hardly ever cry because of books. I guess I have a heart made out of stone. Stone cold. Or maybe I haven't read any heart-wrenching book yet, maybe. I have been meaning to post this yesterday, but it turned out I needed a lot of time to do some thinking on the topic. Anyway, here goes:

Totally unrelated picture xD
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And I cheat a bit in this week list, teehee.  

Top Ten Books That Will Make Me Cry

1) The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
I haven't got around to read this book yet. From what I gather, it's about a girl who has cancer. Stories that have people with incurable diseases always put tears in my eyes.

2) Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
I cried internally. There's so much going on Katniss' life.

3) Marley and Me: Life and Love With The World's Worst Dog by John Grogan
I haven't read the book yet but I have watched the movie, and I sobbed. I'm sure the book will have the same effect on me too.

4) One Litre of Tears (Ichi Rittoru no Namida) by Kito Aya

Ikenouchi Aya (drama version) and her family and friend.

Based on true story from a diary of a Japanese girl named Kito Aya. She was diagnosed with Spinocerebellar Degeneration, some kind of neurodegenerative disease that affects brain, nervous and muscular system. It made you unable to walk, eat, write and breath bit by bit. I cried buckets when I was watching the drama (yep, a drama, Japanese drama). I watched it two times and I still cried buckets on every episode on the second time, eventhough I already knew what's going to happen. Someone, buy me the translated version of the diary please.

5) I Am Sam

A movie (I cheat, remember? ;P). I abused my tissues a lot.

6) Tomorrow, Mama Won't Be Here (Ashita, Mama ga Inai)

From left: Bombi, Donki, Posuto and Piami.
Weird name but there are reasons behind every name.

Another Japanese drama. It's currently airing in Japan now and has been getting a lot of controversy. I shed tears on the first episode. Mothers, y u no want yo kids anymore? Very talented kid actresses, seriously I haven't seen any kid actress from Malaysia that can act so well like those four in the picture.

7) Mother 
Not a creepy story.

Again, another Japanese drama. About a teacher who realizes that one of her students is abused by her mother and decided to kidnap the kid so as to stop the domestic violence. I cried. Y mother y? The same kid who acts as Posuto in above drama (real name: Ashida Mana). I adore her so much.

8) Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident (Seukaendeul: Maewoo Choongkyukjukyigo Boododeokhan Sageon) 

Son with his fathers.

When you realized the person you thought is your real father is not your real father and your real father is a very example of a walking evil. I just cried. I haven't finished watching this drama yet, because it kind of getting long-winded after episode 20-ish. I cried, nonetheless.

9) The Last of Us

Ellie and Joel.

Not a book or a drama. A PS3 game developed by Naughty Dog. This has got to be the only game that has managed to put me in tears, so far. Awesome story line, awesomesauce voice-over, graphic and gameplay and feeeeels. I played only for the first 40 - 50 minutes and I gave up because I suck at third person shooting, or FPS (first person shooting), or anything that has to do with shooting people and creepy-looking creatures running after my butt. I just can't (I'm more of a Final Fantasy kind of gamer). I let my kid bro play The Last of Us for me. I get to be his eyes, because apparently I'm very good at spotting hidden doors/tunnels/items/clickers when I'm not playing xD 

Aaaaanyway, it's about a man (Joel) who has lost family and friends at the start of a fungus outbreak in the United States. The fungus kind of turning people into zombie-like creatures they called clickers. Clickers are very creepy-looking infected people with face full of fungus, eww, and they make clicking sounds, hence the name.

Joel meets Ellie like 20 years later, and he made a deal with a woman to bring Ellie to a Quarantine Zone. The two bonded pretty well along their journey. Spoiler, I guess? just in case you want to play the game, I'm not going to ruin your experience, if you're not and don't mind getting spoiled, feel free to highlight this: Ellie is the key to cure the infection. Until both of them know what it really means to cure the infection. I was like: "Kill them all! Kill everyone that's not Ellie!" I cried, I just cried. My brother thinks I get way too emotional over a game. I want a sequel now, Naughty Dog! Oh wow, I ended up writing a mini essay for the game.

10) One Piece by Oda Eiichiro 
Manga.  A manga = totally a book. Spoiler! When they burned Merry, I sobbed. And major spoiler alert! when Ace died, I cried tons, in my mind palace (couldn't resist Sherlock's reference). It's safe to highlight the missing words if you have caught up until the New World saga, the Sabaody Archipelago Return arc.

Only #1 to #4, and #10 are kind of relevant to this week topic. Other than that, I cheat because I can't think of ten books.

What books made you cry? Or do you have anything non-books in your list that will make you cry?

Bila di baca balik post ni, takda satu pun menangis kerana Nya, Allahurabbi. /peringatan untuk diri sendiri.



    I definitely don't know what to think of the ending, that was such a good game though UNGH
    And the Fault in the Stars made me cry the most, along with the Book Thief. I tend to avoid sad books, so I couldn't make a list of ten :P

    1. You played the game? AMG *salutes*. Now allow me to plant my face in the sand because of my nub shooting skillz, ehe xD. True, the ending left me speechless and teary-eyed. I want more! Moar, Naughty Dog, moar! I usually avoid any kind of weepy reads as well, I just don't like feeling all sad.

    2. I did play the game and I hate clickers so much, the noises they make are just so...ugh... I don't play shooter games often, but I'm used to it because I love the other series by Naughty Dog, Uncharted, that involves A LOT of shooting.

      I think you will enjoy this:

    3. Hahaha! That cracks me up. He even did the dun-dun-dun-dun-dun. I'm now officially a Troy Baker's fangirl. He's just amazing and also nice to look at.

      Ugh clickers. They give me nightmares, at least you can sneak up on them. The one that can see and runs at your face the second it spots you (I don't remember what it's called), that one is just drive me crazy. That's one of the reasons I gave up xD

      I have seen some Uncharted gameplays in youtube. I think I can handle that because there's no scary-looking monsters, I guess? But I'm not sure about the shooting part. I shoot doors, I shoot sky, I shoot grass, always. haha.

  2. Marley and Me made me cry too! The book not so much, but it definitely made me feel emotional.

    1. Oh Marley *sobs*. I'll definitely check the book out.

  3. I did read Marley & Me - after having my heart torn out after watching the movie - and something about reading his words was so SO much worse than watching it unfold in a movie. I understand that he was old and sick, but he's still a dog and he dies! I'm going to go hug my dog now

    1. Eeekk. Reading it is much worse? *avoids the book at all cost*. Joking ;P. I'll definitely check it out. Send my virtual hugs to your dog too :)

  4. The Fault in Our Stars and Mockingjay killed me! I cried so much with both of those books! I have no idea how I'm going to be able to watch the movies! I'll definitely be bringing a ton of tissues! Great list!! Have an awesome weekend! :)

    xo, Becca @Pivot Book Reviews

    1. Tissues! Let's just smuggle them into the theater. Just in case I got over-emotional when when that scene in Mockingjay comes out in the movie. I really need to read The Fault in Our Stars before it hit the screen. Thank you for stopping by my blog and have a great weekdays (already Monday where I live) :D

  5. I read and watched Marley and Me. So. Much. Crying.

    1. I bawled my eyes out when I watched the movie. I had to wipe my eyes with my sleeves because well I over-used the tissues T.T

  6. The Fault in Our Stars is heartbreaking and Mockingjay was just cruel and soul destroying!
    I've only seen the movie of Marley and Me, but I was bawling my eyes out.
    Ooh, I haven't heard of the other books but I'll definitely be checking them out.
    Great list :)

    1. Agreed! Mockingjay was just.. ugh! Why Mrs. Collins, why?
      Thank you for stopping by! :)

  7. OOH!!! Mockingjay totally made me cry actually, especially at the very very end.. *sobs*. AND I AM SAM! I loved that movie, it was beautiful. I didn't play the Last of Us but I watched my BF play the majority of the game, and when I wasn't watching I was listening in the other room... I loved the story and it was sad sad SAD !! I loved Ellie!!

    1. I actually choked out at the end of Mockingjay. I loved I Am Sam too! Because well, it was the first movie that made me all weepy. And yay! Another love for Ellie!! It was one of the best story line (for game) that I have ever played or watched someone else playing.

  8. I am a blubbering fool when it comes to books. I cry all the time in them. I generally can tell whether I liked a book or not by whether I cried in it. What can I say, I am a sop.

    1. I like books that invoke so many emotions and feeeels but I don't know, I just had no running tears no matter how sad it was. I haven't read the right book, I guess. I say you're very good in expressing yourself, Sara :D


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