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Book Review: My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

Title: My Life Next Door (My Life Next Door #1)
Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick Goodreads | Website
Published: June 2012
Publisher: Dial Books For Young Readers
Source: Won from 2012 December Giveaway hosted by Melissa and Kristy at Book Nerd Reviews. Thank you sooo much girls for the book!
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Very pretty cover! I And a hardback, at that. I was excited when I ripped open the package, thanks Book Nerd Reviews! A hardback here costs a fortune, well not really a fortune, but it's pretty expensive.

It’s a contemporary romance novel. I liked the book but I needed a week or so to read where I left off after around 200+ pages. It was kind of a slow read after that.

Some parts of the book can be quite draggy and boring, for me. It’s a romance novel, Farhana, it was supposed to feel slow, so that readers can hmm devour the moment, the feelings? You won’t get any blood/gore/mystery in any of them, other than the ever so popular hot and mysterious guy that everyone in the book fell in lov-- I know, shut up, myself. I'm sorry, my inner-self (itallics) decided to jump into this reviews, muehehehe.

I loved The Garretts especially Curious George (you cute little discovery channel). He’s so cute and innocent. I liked their family relationship. 

I liked Tim, too. I didn’t like him, at first. He was a jerk and I liked how he grows from a jerk to a less-jerky guy. Tim is funny with a witty sense of humor. I know I’m supposed to like the main hero, Jase Garrett, but I don’t . He’s a good guy, a good boyfriend, mature, handsome, hot, cute; basically an ideal guy for a boyfriend. He's just flawless. But I don’t know I wasn’t that much interested in him, I guess? I was secretly shipping for Sam/Tim and Alice/Tim. I want more Tim!

The book tells the story of a stalker 17 years old girl, Samantha, who likes to watch over her neighbour, The Garrett family, from her secret veranda for years. She likes that The Garretts is everything that her family isn’t. They were different. 

The Garretts are a big family with a messy house (sounds a lot like my family) while Samantha only has her mother and a sister, an OCD politician mother, a house that could fit the whole Garrets, and an OCD mother. Stop saying 'mother' like that Farhana, you'd make people think that Samantha has 3 different mothers. Yeah, you're right, but I couldn't help emphasizing the OCD mother. Anyway, Samantha's life changed when one of the Garretts climbed up to her secret stalking place. 

There were some explicit contents in the book, just saying. Pick this book up if you like a sweet and cute first love story.

I give it 3/5 stars.

I got a bookmark from The Book Depository! Whee!

May peace be upon you :)


  1. Omg, you didn't like Jase? He's like, one of my ultimate book boyfriends! Now I'm offended! lol jk. I agree with you that some parts on this book were quite slow and boring, it took a while for me to get excited about the story, too. But The Garretts was such an awesome family, they're very entertaining to read! I liked them because they're one of the few ''so normal but not so normal too" families in YA. A nice break from all the dysfunctional ones, if you know what I mean ;)
    Love your reviewing style, Farhana! It's honest & straight to the point.

    1. Jase is flawless, there's really nothing negative about him. But, I don't know, I'm more attracted to Tim. I guess I like characters who change over time like from an arsehole to somehow nice (not the other way around, I'd hate that).
      I think I get what you mean: single parent, parents abandon their own children, etc etc. It's certainly refreshing to read about normal but not so normal (quoting you xD) family once in a while, couldn't agree more with you! Thank you for the feedback on my review, Tirta! :))


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